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5 Cost Saving Techniques Cable & Wire Harness Assembly Manufacturers Should Know


A key component of any printed circuit board assembly is its corresponding cable assembly which connects the PCBA to other devices. Because cable assemblies often require complex, custom designs, engineers, focused primarily on functionality, often overlook material...
[Infographic] Challenges to reshoring U.S. Manufacturing


  1. A looming skill gap 2. Poorly optimized production costs 3. Internationally spread sourcing 4. Managing foreign contracts
[Infographic] Reshoring is good for the environment


    1. Foreign manufacturers face fewer environmental standards. 2. The U.S. offers lucrative tax credits for solar energy installation. 3. Shorter distances to end users requires less energy usage. 4. U.S. manufacturers produce less waste and fewer...
[Infographic] Reasons U.S. OEMS Are Reshoring


    1. Offshore manufacturers carry a high total cost of ownership. 2. Consumers prefer products made in the U.S. 3. Wages are rising in Asia 4. Offshoring includes high transportation costs and long lead times 5. Assembling locally creates a leaner supply...
4 Factors To Consider When Selecting CMs For Medical Device Subassemblies


While demand for high-performance medical devices has increased, the number of OEMs capable of building complete assemblies has declined, as a result of a widening skills gap. Many OEMs are suffering severe labor shortages and turning to specialized electronic...
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