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8 Tax Incentives OEMs Reshoring to the U.S. Should Pursue


In recent years, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have felt the mounting burden of unexpected tax liabilities – and many lack the capital to pay them off. This change began when 2013 showed unforeseen profitability and a sudden funnel of income. After spending...
40 Questions to Ask EMS Providers When Reshoring To The U.S.


You’re an OEM who’s probably been hearing a lot about the reshoring trend enveloping the U.S. manufacturing industry in recent years. You’ve read up on the challenges, financial and environmental benefits of making the shift to domestic production and, after carefully...
Why Reshoring Is Better for the Environment


A growing number of manufacturers are realizing the benefits of reshoring their production operations and contract manufacturing to the United States. Earlier in our U.S reshoring blog series, we mentioned how factors such as rising wages in China, changing consumer...
4 Cases Of U.S. Reshoring Producing Profits For OEMs


Reshoring manufacturing to the U.S. is becoming more palatable as CEOs and CFOs perform in depth reviews on offshoring and total cost of ownership (TCO) , supply chain management and changing consumer preference. Weighing heavily into manufacturers’ analysis is the...
4 Surmountable Challenges To The Reshoring Of U.S. Manufacturing


U.S. manufacturers’ reshoring initiatives are proving to be downright profitable compared to overseas production. A growing trend among manufacturers, reshoring has already begun to transform the global supply chain and U.S. economy. While the economic benefits of...
5 Reasons OEMs & EMS Providers Are Reshoring To The US


On the heels of the 2016 Presidential election, offshoring is losing its favorability with manufacturers. Many industry giants are pushing for the reshoring of their operations back to American soil in response to signals that the government will reward domestic...
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