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The Impact of Printed Circuit Board Innovation On Consumer Electronics


As consumer electronic devices have continued to evolve over time, so have the printed circuit boards (PCBs) and processing systems that power them. Demands for miniaturized cell phones have driven component sizes down from 0603 and 0402 packages to 0201 and 01005,...
PCB Innovation Is Providing The Fashion Industry A Smart Makeover


Consumer fashion and textile companies are increasingly using flexible printed circuit boards (PCBs), small component packages such as 01005, micro ball-grid arrays (BGAs) and more to produce innovative, smart fashion lines. As electronic components have shrunk down...
America’s Defense Revolution—Brought To Us By Miniaturized Components?


Component miniaturization has become a necessity in electronics manufacturing. From wearable fitness trackers to mobile location-based applications, there is an increasing demand for powerful, multi-functional systems to become thinner, lighter, and faster. The value...
Miniaturization Design In The Medical Device Sector


With each new generation of electronics, components and systems get smaller and more powerful. Many of the advantages realized with 01005 components come down to size—signals travel shorter distances within devices leading to faster performance speeds. The aerospace...
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